About Colloidal Micelle

In manufacturing KD Gold, renewable, food-grade ingredients (water, fatty acids, organic alcohol, folic acid, minerals, enzymes, edible and seed-bearing plants) are processed to form a nano-sized particle called a micelle. The micelle’s small particle size (1-4 nanometers), combined with its extremely high surface area-to-volume ratio, enable it to penetrate complex carbon molecules and emulsify organic matter.

Micelles are activated when mixed with a sufficient amount of water such that each micelle is then completely surrounded by a thin layer of water molecules. The outside of the micelle is hydrophilic, meaning it likes water, while the interior portion is hydrophobic, meaning it avoids water. The outer hydrophilic shell aggressively searches for – and bonds with – water molecules, making them hyper-mobile. This provides a way to dissolve molecules, like fats, oils and grease, that do not like water, in water.

Note in the illustration below, the outside of the molecule below is negative (-) and the solution is positive (+)


How Do Colloidal Micelles Work?

Colloidal micelles break down long-chain hydrocarbon bonds in fats, oils, and grease and hold them in suspension when mixed with water. Individual colloidal micelles, at the nano scale, repel each other like opposing magnets while attracting solid particles and breaking down hydrocarbon bonds into smaller molecules and/or atoms.

Once solid particles have attached themselves to the colloidal micelle, the micelle holds them in suspension, preventing re-soiling from occurring and safely allowing fats, oils and grease to be permanently dissolved in water. The wash-off is completely biodegraded and becomes soil constituents such as nitrate, dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide, biomass and water. Mixed together in a very diluted water solution, colloids drastically reduce surface tension and work as a dispersing agent that carry other active ingredients more effectively than common surfactants.

How does this help in cleaning? Well, in layman’s terms, the soap works great in dilution (more is not necessarily better) and, when activated, breaks up oil, dirt, bug bodies (that’s why it’s such a good bug killer: lice, ants, aphids, bed bugs, etc.) and carries the soil, oil, etc., away in the water in which it is dissolved. That’s also what makes it such a terrific laundry soap, dishwashing soap and shower soap for that reason. Spraying or foaming the soap “activates” the molecules, making them even more effective.

There are other soaps that use this technology. But, the high-quality food grade ingredients, especially the oil, used to manufacture KD Gold are what make it exceptional.

You can see that it’s also good for the earth in that it contributes to, doesn’t pollute, the environment.  Read a whitepaper about the chemistry of colloidal micelle (PDF).


Read the safety data material and antibacterial efficacy test results.
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