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The Webgoddess

Hi, I’m the Webgoddess, a person who does a lot of business on the web, and one who is always looking for products to help me live a healthy lifestyle.

Because a close friend of mine became very chemically sensitive, I educated myself on the subject and found that all of us have chemical sensitivity to some degree because we are exposed on a daily basis to household chemical cleaners, perfumes, air fresheners, scented candles, detergents — the list goes on and on.

My MCS friend turned me on to a product which at the time was called Planet Solutions.  That formula was sold to a company who then created Botanic Gold.  Both these products were sold via multi-level marketing.  I’m not fond of that way of selling and was just thrilled when my MCS friend created her own soap formula (with the blessing of the original creator of Planet Solutions) and started manufacturing KD Gold.

I am so sad to tell you that my friend has passed away.  But before she did, she licensed her formula to a company called Enviro-One.  I hope you will try their product and be as pleased as I am with it!

At this point in my life, my family and I cannot imagine life without KD Gold.  We use it in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, garden, for travel.  It’s so versatile and makes life so simple to only have one product for so many uses, instead of a gaggle of smelly containers under my sink.

I encourage you to educate yourself on the intrusion of petrochemicals into your life and why you might want to avoid them as much as possible. You know how we’re trying to get away from imported oil?  Well, avoiding products made with oil (petrochemicals, plastics) is good for humans as well as for the country!

I’m eager for you to try and use this soap on a regular basis.  If you’d like some advice on how to use it, or have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

The Webgoddess