This is a user guide for KD Gold Soap.  The same uses work for Enviro-One soap (same formula)

KD Gold Botanic Soap – one product, a million uses

KD Gold is an all-natural botanic soap that comes in concentrated form so that you do not have to pay to ship water and can dilute it for a million uses around the house.  Why have a cabinet full of smelly, poisonous products, one for each household use when you can have one safe, all-natural product that can provide many uses around your home?

For best results, use distilled water.  Tap water may require a stronger dilution.

Ingredients: KDGold by Natural Soap Formulas is a Non-Toxic, Readily-Biodegradable Botanic Soap Formula made from water, fatty acids, organic alcohol, folic acid, minerals, enzymes, edible and seed-bearing plants.

Use these general guidelines for dilution rates:

2:1 – Super strength

3:1 – Extra strength

5:1 – Normal strength

10:1 – Light strength

50:1 – Very Light strength

>100:1 – Ultra-Light strength

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Spray and allow to soak 15 to 20 minutes. Agitate with brush or fingernail and rinse clean.

AIR FILTERS (10:1) Spray, let sit for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly and dry before use.

ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER (5:1)For normal jobs, spray and wipe. For tough jobs, spray on, agitate the molecules with a brush and let stand for two minutes, then wipe clean.

Spray and wipe. If needed, agitate molecules by brushing and allow to soak before wiping.

– Spray, let sit for 30 seconds, then wipe.

AQUARIUMS (5:1) – Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for aquarium cleaning, using solution in place of soap or detergent. Rinse thoroughly and carefully, as aquariums are glass. (see also GLASS). KD Gold™ helps eliminate odors from aquariums, snake habitats and other pet areas without leaving a harmful toxic residue.

Pet owners love the results and the $aving$!

NOTE: Take caution if pet spiders and insects live in the aquarium. KD Gold™ emulsifies oil-based creatures, (insects, spiders) so completely rinse the KD Gold™ from surfaces before reintroducing your pets.

ASH TRAYS (5:1) – Empty excess ashes, spray with solution and rinse clean.

AUTO EXTERIOR (5:1) – Work on a cool surface in shade. Remove bugs, bird droppings, tree sap and tar by spot spraying. Spray on, wait 30 seconds, and then wipe with damp cloth. Fill a bucket with water and add 4-6 ounces of solution.

Use a sponge or rag to wash vehicle, or use a hose attachment containing solution to spray directly on vehicle. Use sponge to agitate. Rinse clean with hose. KD Gold™ run-off does not harm environment.

NOTE: KD Gold™is an oil emulsifier that emulsifies wax. Always use a diluted solution, never concentrate, and rinse immediately and thoroughly with plenty of water to avoid stripping the wax finish off the painted surfaces of your car.

AUTO INTERIORS (5:1) – Note: for Leather Interiors see section on LEATHER. Spray solution on all surfaces first to allow grime to begin breaking down while you work. Use a small brush or toothbrush to get into crevices. Wipe each surface with damp towel or cloth (spray with distilled or other purified water for greater cleaning power). Scrub where necessary. Follow with dry
cloth. For fabric upholstery, use an aerating foamer pump dispenser with a lighter solution (10:1). Brush clean in a circular motion. Lift stains by spot cleaning and pressing with clean cloth, alternating damp cloth with dry cloth.

AUTOMOTIVE PARTS (5:1)Soak in a container filled with solution. Wipe or brush clean.


Use from a spray bottle or make a silky, foaming bubbly “Baby Bath” with solution in an aerating foamer pump dispenser. It makes an easy, no-drip foam that you can lather on baby before placing in tub to rinse and play. You can also squirt or spray onto a soft sponge or puffy ball and agitate with hands into a gentle lather.

BABY BOTTOMS (10:1) – (and other bottoms too!) Make your own completely NON-TOXIC baby wipes! Spray or squirt solution onto a soft, moist towel, washcloth or paper towel. Wipe baby’s bottom. Try also with an aerating foamer pump dispenser. Dispense one or two pumps onto toilet paper for an “ultra-safe”, ultra clean bottom.

BABY TOYS (5:1) – Spray solution directly onto washable toys. Or, fill bucket with warm water, add 2-4 ounces solution and allow toys to soak. Use small brush to clean in crevices if necessary. Rinse clean. For electronics or toys that cannot get wet, spray washcloth until damp, wipe surfaces and dry with fresh cloth. For fabric toys or stuffed animals, launder or hand wash with KD Gold™. Give your baby the benefit of a clean, chemical free, safe play environment! Don’t forget the preschool and big kid toys – especially for shared play areas.

BACKYARD STUFF (5:1)Spray, soak or scrub stuff depending on size and accumulation of dirt. Use water pressure to help remove grit. Soaking sprayed stuff in sunshine helps. 

BASKETBALLS (5:1) – Spray, then buff with a damp cloth. For really gritty outdoor use, spray, then agitate with brush to lift dirt. Rinse clean.

BATHTUB MAT (3:1)Spray both sides with solution. Let sit 30 seconds. Agitate with stiff brush or terry cloth rag. Rinse.

BATHTUBS (5:1) – Sponge on or spray solution on all surfaces. Let sit at least 30 seconds. Scrub or wipe clean and rinse thoroughly. Great on soap scum!

BATHROOMS (5:1) – KD Gold™ can be used for every corner of your bathroom! Kills germs but won’t harm you!

BEACH TAR (5:1) – Spray directly on tar. Rub with fingers. Rinse off with ocean water! At home, use an old rag or paper towel to wipe tar off feet, shoes or other surfaces after spraying with KD Gold aerating foamer pump dispenser is a great idea for the car. Don’t leave for the beach without it!

BEVERAGE STAINS (5:1) – Follow stain protocol: Use one paper towel behind stain. Wet stain lightly with water (choose the water source with the least amount of minerals.) Spray solution on second paper towel. Dab carefully directly on the stain. Follow with more water and a clean paper towel. Do not rub – press to remove excess water and lift stain from material.

– Spray solution on wheels, frame, handlebars, etc. Wipe with damp cloth and buff dry.

BIRDS (50:1) Using a 2 or 4 oz. sample-size spray bottle (to create a very fine mist), spray in air above bird and let solution rain down, lightly coating feathers. Bird will preen itself clean.

BIRD CAGES (10:1)Sweep out bottom of cage. Dampen cloth thoroughly with KD Gold™ and wipe all surfaces. For droppings, spray directly on spots, and agitate if needed. Follow with fresh moist cloth to rinse areas clean. For odor control, spray bottom of cage with solution after cleaning.

BLINDS (VENETIAN AND MINI) (5:1) – Close completely. Wipe solution on with damp cloth or towel and follow with a soft, dry cloth.

BLOOD (5:1) – Use solution from a spray bottle or an aerating foamer pump dispenser on blood spots. Leave soaking or agitate with brush and rinse. Overnight soaking does wonders on larger spots. For mattresses, upholstery, and carpet, pump foam on spot and allow time for the micelle molecules to lift the stain off the surface.

BOATS & YACHTS (5:1) – For areas coated with carbon or oil, spray with KD Gold™ and leave up to 30 minutes. Wipe with wet terry cloth. For other areas, wait from 30 seconds to 2 minutes before wiping, depending on the type of surface. For vinyl seats, spray with KD Gold™ and wipe with a damp cloth. Heavy buildup may require some scrubbing with a brush.

BODY/BATH WASH (10:1) –KD Gold™ is the soap of preference for the hypoallergenic, chemically sensitive, and health-conscious individual alike.

BOWLING BALLS (5:1) – For a “reactive” bowling ball, spray ball with KD Gold™ solution, then buff it with a damp cloth. This leaves a “tacky” surface.

BRASS (5:1) – Great for removing oils left from hands on railings and other brass surfaces. Wipe with a damp cloth (sprayed with solution). Dry thoroughly.

BRICKS (5:1) – Wet area to be cleaned. Spray solution directly on bricks or dip a stiff brush into solution and brush onto bricks. Rinse. Depending on the amount of grime or soot on bricks, a heavier concentration may be needed.

BRIEFCASES (50:1)Wipe with damp cloth sprayed with solution and dry immediately.

BRONZE (10:1) – Spray cloth with solution. Wipe item with damp cloth. Dry thoroughly.

BUG BITES (3:1)– Use a
poultice made with KD Gold™. Breaks up the toxic venom from mosquitoes, wasps, bees, spiders, etc.

BUGS (10:1) – Before the advent of pesticides, it was common practice to use soap as an insect deterrent because bugs avoid soap! Since KD Gold™™ is an oil emulsifier, and insects are oil-based creatures…well, you do the math. Try it yourself – “clean up” your bug problem!

BUG STAINS (5:1) – Spray the stain. Let sit for 30 seconds and then wipe it with a wet cloth.

BURNED ON PLASTIC (& GLUE) (5:1) – Spray the burned on plastic or glue and let sit a few minutes. Then scrub it with a stiff brush or scrub pad. Rinse.


CABINETS (10:1) – Laminated – Wipe with cloth dampened with solution. Follow with a dry cloth. 

CAMPING GEAR (5:1) – Spray, scrub and wipe. Great mildew deterrent, and phenomenal for cleaning off soot from campfire! And don’t forget, it makes a great waterless hand and body wash. KD Gold™ does not contaminate the ecosystem so take it with you to wilderness areas.

CANDLE WAX REMOVAL (3:1) – The biggest problem with candle wax is that it leaves an oily residue. Chill, crack and peel off excess wax. Use 5:1 solution if on a delicate fabric, more dilute solution on a very delicate fabric.

CAR (10:1) – Fill a bucket with water and add 4-6 ounces of solution. Use a sponge or rag to wash the vehicle, or use a hose attachment containing solution to spray directly on vehicle. Use a sponge to agitate. Rinse clean with a hose. See more details under AUTO INTERIOR and AUTO EXTERIOR.

CARPETS (50:1)–KD Gold™ is great for carpets and rugs. Spray solution directly on stain. Use terry cloth or scrap of same carpet to work into spot. Let sit for 60 seconds, then blot and wipe with
clean lint free cloth. Remove with plenty of water and pat dry with a towel. More than one application may be needed for harder stains. When using a machine to clean carpets, use 2 – 4 ounces of KD Gold™ Concentrate per gallon of water. Use the soap solution only ONCE on the carpet, then simply rinse, rinse, rinse with water. Spray spots in advance with a stronger solution. Light carpets work best with a lighter dilution, darker carpets work best with stronger solution. Test small area first.

CATS (10:1) –Wash your cat as usual, replacing cat or flea shampoo with a 10:1 solution of KD Gold™. Some cat lovers use this method: have one person hold the cat. Use warm water with shower spray attachment to wet the cat. Squirt the cat with solution in a squeeze bottle, starting at top. Lather for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, gently pat dry a few times, and let go!

Your cat may not like getting wet any more than before, but he or she will love being bug and poison free, and having healthier skin.

CAT LITTER BOXES (5:1) – Empty litter. To control odor and clean, spray liberally with KD Gold™ solution. Then fill box with water from garden hose and allow to sit for 5 minutes. Rinse with hose.

CAULKING, DRIED (5:1) – Spray on, let sit for 60 seconds, then wipe with a damp terry cloth.

CEILING FANS (5:1) – Wipe excess dust off first. Spray cloth with solution. Wipe and dry.

CEMENT (5:1) – Wet area to be cleaned. Spray with KD Gold™. Use a stiff brush to scrub area. Rinse. Depending on the amount of grime, etc. on surface, a heavier concentration may be needed.

CHROME (100:1) Spray on and wipe with damp sponge or cloth. Dry with a smooth cloth.

CLOSETS (5:1) – Spray shelves, walls, floors and wipe. Leaving a residue of KD Gold™ solution in corners and crevices helps deter bugs.

CLOTHES (5:1) – The key for extending the longevity of your clothing is to avoid strong detergents, hot water and the rougher agitation of regular to heavy-duty wash cycles. KD Gold™ is unique because its micelle cleaning power is just as strong in cold water. By using pre-soaking, you can just as effectively wash your clothes in the gentle cycle. For best results, always use a solution that has been pre-mixed with water—NOT raw Concentrate – since it more rapidly disperses in the wash cycle and the molecules have already been activated by water.


Use 2 to 3 ounces of 5:1 solution

3 to 4 ounces of 5:1 solution

4 to 6 ounces of 5:1 solution

Most importantly, you will not be “covering-up” stains with phosphate additives, but truly maintaining your clothes clean. You also gain the peace of mind that your children and other family members will not be absorbing the chemical residues that never completely rinse out of clothes washed in detergents.

See more details including different kinds of fabrics under DELICATES and LAUNDRY.

COFFEE MACHINES (5:1) – In your empty coffee pot, add 2 oz. KD Gold™, then fill remainder of pot with water. Pour into coffee machine and turn on as though brewing coffee. When done, run a pot of plain fresh water through the machine.

COLD SORES & FEVER BLISTERS (5:1) – Apply to affected area.

COMBS (5:1) – Remove the hair from comb. Spray and rinse

COPIER TONER (5:1) – Spray surface with solution and wipe with cloth. If toner stain is on an area of the printer or copy machine that should not get wet, spray solution onto cloth first and then wipe area to be cleaned. Dry with a dry cloth.

COUNTER TOPS (5:1) – To remove dirt and grime, spray surface, wait a minute, then wipe off with a wet cloth or sponge. Dry off if desired. To remove stains, scrub with a scrub pad or stiff brush before wiping off.

CRAYON (5:1) – Spray, let sit 30 seconds. Rub with a damp terry cloth. For painted walls or wallboard, first test in an inconspicuous place for paint durability. Spray damp cloth and rub.

CURTAINS (5:1) – First test on a hem to make sure your curtains will not water stain. (If they show a water stain, do not wash!) Mist KD Gold™ solution on a moist cloth. Gently rub spots. Launder according to directions. KD Gold™ does wonders in the gentle cycle and in cold water after pre-soaking!


DECKS, WOOD (5:1) – Wet deck. Spray and let solution sit for several minutes. Scrub deck with stiff brush. Repeat if necessary.

DELICATES (5:1) – You will love being able to hand wash or machine wash your delicates with KD Gold™, which works exceptionally well in cold water. Add 2 – 4 ounces of solution to bucket or washing machine. Allow to soak for 15 – 30 minutes. Soaking does the cleaning! Rinse without undue agitation by using a fresh bucket of water or running the gentle cycle.

DENTURES (5:1)Soak in a container filled with 5:1 solution. Brush with a toothbrush. Do not use on brand new dentures! Allow at least one month for denture material to “set”. Dentures soaked in KD Gold™ do not build up tartar! You will love people’s comments on your white teeth!

DIAPER PAILS (5:1) – Keep your diaper pail fresh by spraying with KD Gold™ every time you empty it. Let solution sit while preparing diapers for wash. Return and wipe. Spray again to maintain freshness for new load.

DIAPERS (5:1) – Rinse off excess baby excrement. Leave diapers soaking in bucket with 2-4 ounces of solution added to water. When ready to launder, rinse off and throw into washing machine.
Food grade hydrogen peroxide may be added to wash cycle along with KD Gold™ for brightness. Bleach is not recommended!

DINING ROOM FURNITURE (50:1)Lightly wipe furniture with cloth dampened with solution. Follow with dry cloth.

Do not use on antique or varnished wood surfaces.

DIRT (5:1)Grit from garden and playing sports comes clean with solution. For ground in dirt, allow to soak.

DISHES (5:1) – For washing dishes, pots and pans by hand, add KD Gold™ to sink or dishpan full of water. Vary strength according to greasiness of items. You will see the grease come off your dishes and gather on the edge of the dishpan!

For additional suds, spray solution directly on sponge and agitate, or use an aerating foamer pump dispenser. (KD Gold™ alone does not create lots of suds, but it
cleans exceptionally well.)

DISHWASHERS (5:1) – Did you know that Dishwasher Detergents are the # 1 cause of childhood poisonings? Why eat on dishes that have caustic chemical
residues? Use “ultra safe” KD Gold™ right in your dishwasher! Pre-spray heavily soiled or greasy dishes with solution as you load them. Then use 1-2 ounces of solution in reservoir on dishwasher door. Amount of KD Gold™ solution depends on your water – use more for “hard” water, which has more minerals.

DISPOSALS (5:1) – Spray directly into disposal. This cleans your disposal and removes buildup.

DOGS (10:1) –KD Gold™ is safe for your puppies, dogs and other pets (but not insect pets!) Use a sponge soaked in 10:1 solution or a squeeze bottle to apply solution. Lather up your dog for at least 5 minutes. After massaging, rinse clean. You’ll be amazed at how fleas and mites can wash right out, and how itching diminishes.

DOORS AND DOOR FRAMES (5:1) – To clean fingerprints, dirt and grime from doors and frames, spray onto a clean, damp terry cloth, or spray directly
onto the surface. Rub briskly and wipe with a damp cloth.

DRAINS (5:1) – Pour 8 to 12 ounces of the KD Gold™ solution into the drain. Let sit 2 to 5 minutes. Plunge with a suction plunger. Rinse. Repeat as needed. Works well on grease clogs. Will not remove or dissolve hair.

DRAPES (5:1) – First test on a hem to make sure your curtains will not water stain. (If they show a water stain, do not wash!) Mist KD Gold™ solution on a moist cloth. Gently rub spots. Launder according to directions. KD Gold™ does wonders in the gentle cycle and in cold water after pre-soaking!

DRAWERS (10:1) Get out the grit and keep out the bugs by spraying and wiping the corners and linings of drawers all over the house.

DRIVEWAYS (5:1) – To remove oil stains from driveways or garage floors, spray with water first, then spray with KD Gold™ solution. Let sit several minutes. Rub briskly with a stiff brush. Rinse.

DRY ERASE BOARDS (10:1) – KD Gold™ doesn’t just move the dry erase ink around – it gets the board white again! Keep a 4 oz. mister and a roll of paper towels handy. Spray directly on the white board, and wipe with fresh paper towel. Apply pressure to older, faded dry erase ink marks, or allow it to soak for a few minutes, repeat process if necessary. (Note: If
difficult to write on board after cleaning, simply rinse with pure water and dry completely – then dilute your K KD Gold™ to 30:1)

DUST (50:1) – Spray the solution on a clean cloth or paper towel. Use the slightly damp cloth to clean shelves, furniture, ceramics, etc. Follow with a dry cloth.


ELECTRODE CONTACT (3:1) – Use as a wet contact or coupling agent instead of the goopy, smelly gel for electronic muscle stimulators or exercisers.

ENGINES (5:1) – The engine should not be hot. Hose off with water. Spray solution over all surfaces of wet engine. Let sit for up to 30 minutes, then scrub with a stiff brush to agitate the build up.

Use strong water pressure to rinse. For heavy duty engine cleaning, increase concentration of KD Gold™ solution.

EXHAUST FANS (5:1) – Remove protective grille, spray, let sit a minute, wipe.


FABRIC (50:1)See directions in this guide for specific types of fabrics or types of stains.

FACES (10:1) – KD Gold™ is the soap of preference for the hypoallergenic, chemically sensitive, and health-conscious individual alike.

FANS (5:1) – Remove protective grille, spray, let sit a minute, wipe.

FARM EQUIPMENT (5:1) – Follow manufacturer’s instructions, if any. Spray and wipe, scrub with stiff brush, if necessary.

If an unpainted part needs to be cleaned or degreased, put 5:1 solution in a bucket or tub to cover part, immerse part in solution and let soak until
it can be easily wiped clean.

FAUCETS (5:1) – Spray. Let sit 30 seconds. Agitate crevices with small brush to remove gunk. Wipe with damp cloth or sponge. Buff with a dry
cloth or paper towel for a sparkle.

FENCES (5:1) – Wet with water, then spray and rub briskly with a stiff brush. Cross-reference with steel / wood / plastic.

FIBERGLASS (5:1) – Spray, wipe and rinse.

FILTERS, AIR (10:1) – Spray filter, let sit 10-15 minutes, rinse thoroughly.

FISH ODOR (3:1)Spray area, allow to sit for 2-5 minutes, wipe and rinse thoroughly.

FISH TANKS (50:1)No more worries about chlorine killing your fish! Empty tank, spray and wipe with KD Gold™. Rinse clean.

FLEAS (50:1) –Spray directly on pet fur, or lather up your puppy with foam from an aerating foamer pump dispenser and watch fleas flee as you rinse them out. KD Gold™ can continue to be used as a phenomenal pet shampoo for your pet’s best, most healthful hygiene.

FLOOR WAX REMOVAL (5:1) – Spray floor liberally with solution, let sit for a few minutes, scrub with a stiff brush, rinse and mop dry.

FLOORS (50:1) Sweep or use dust mop to remove loose dirt and grit. For entire floor, use a mixture of 2-4h ounces of Concentrate per gallon of water in bucket. For “spot treatment” spray KD Gold™ onto a damp sponge or mop, and mop as usual. For hard spots, spray directly on the spot. Rub until it comes up. For tile floors, use a soft brush to agitate the grout. For vinyl flooring,
use a terry cloth to agitate the hard to clean spots. Dry with a soft cloth.

NOTE: Leaving a residue on the floor will inadvertently repel insects.

FLOWERS (50:1) – Try KD Gold™ with cut flowers! They last longer and look brighter.

FOOD PREP AREAS (5:1)Spray liberally and wipe clean.

FOOD STAINS (5:1) – Spray towel or rag with solution. Wet stain slightly with water first. Rub stain gently with solution-dampened towel. Agitate with fingers or brush if needed. Rinse and blot to lift stain. As with all stains and spots, keep a clean cloth behind the spot as you work to lift stain from the front. The sooner you apply KD Gold™, the better. Keep sample spray bottles in car and purse to always be ready!

FORMICA™ (5:1) – Spray, let sit for 30 seconds, then wipe.

FRUIT WASH (10:1)– Spray, rub and rinse. Place small fruits like grapes, berries and cherries in bowl, spray fruit directly, then cover with water. Swish around and sit for a while. Then drain and rinse with fresh water. Drain dry, place in plastic bag with paper towel to take up excess moisture, then refrigerate.

FRUIT (THIN-SKINNED) (50:1)Use a lighter solution for tomatoes, peaches, strawberries, and other thinner-skinned fruits. For heavily pesticided produce, let sit for 5-10 minutes before rinsing.

FURNITURE (FABRIC) (10:1)– Test first on inconspicuous area for color fastness. Spray lightly on fabric, wipe with cloth or scrub with soft brush for stubborn stains.

FURNITURE (WOOD) (50:1) Spray onto a damp cloth or directly on surface. Wipe with a cloth until dry.

FURNITURE REFINISHING (3:1)–To remove varnish or paint, apply solution or straight KD Gold™ Concentrate with a cloth or brush. Let sit 30 minutes or longer. Wipe with a wet terry cloth. You may need to use a fine grade steel wool to get into crevices. As with any paint or varnish remover, multiple applications may be necessary. This non-fuming, non-chemical or solvent method makes it possible for even the most chemically sensitive individual to get creative with furniture and antiques.


GARAGE FLOORS (5:1) – To remove oil stains from driveways or garage floors, spray with water first, then spray with KD Gold™ solution. Let sit several minutes. Rub briskly with a stiff brush. Rinse.

GARBAGE CANS (5:1)Spray, let sit at least one minute, and wipe clean. For tough spots, spray and scrub. After cleaning, spray your trash bags, barrels, buckets and boxes to keep insects at bay and help control odors.

GARDEN EQUIPMENT (5:1) – Spray and wipe.

GLUE (& BURNED ON PLASTIC) (5:1) – Spray, let sit a few minutes, scrub with a stiff brush or scrub pad. Rinse.

GLASS (320:1)– Spray very dilute solution of KD Gold™ directly on glass surfaces (Higher concentrations tend to streak). Wipe clean with rag or paper towel. Dry with a dry rag or paper towel.  Great use for your empty gallon bottle of KDGold – just fill with water and use for glass wash.

GRASS GROWTH (100:1)– Put KD Gold™ into sprinkler system. Use 1 – 2 ounces of concentrate for each gallon of water.

GRASS STAINS (5:1) – Dampen fabric and spray with KD Gold™, rub into stain. Wash according to Laundry instructions.

GREASE (5:1) – KD Gold™ works GREAT on grease! Spray, soak, wipe and rinse. Repeat if necessary. May require stronger solution.

GRILLS (5:1) – Spray and let sit a minute or two. Using a wire brush or stiff-bristle brush dipped in water, scrub briskly. You will love the oil and soot emulsifying properties of KD Gold™!

GROUT (5:1) – Spray solution into grout lines. Allow to soak for 2 minutes or more. You may or may not need to scrub! Rinse thoroughly.
For lighter colored grout, use a lighter solution.

GUM (5:1) – Spray, gently massage into gum until it begins to break apart. Rinse.

GYMWEAR (5:1) – Spray into shoes, on socks and other gymwear/equipment to stop mold/ fungus/germs.


HAIR (10:1) –Great for oily to normal hair. Ideal for keeping children safe from the chemicals in most kid’s shampoos. Spray into hair, work into lather, rinse. For more lather, use an
aerating foamer pump dispenser. Kids will have a “blast!”

HAIRBRUSHES (5:1) – Remove the hair from the hairbrush. Spray and rinse. If desired, leave soaking in solution, then rinse clean.

HANDS (10:1) –Spray hands, rub and rinse. You will love how it rinses clean quickly even in cold water and leaves no residual chemical odor that may interfere with your dining pleasure.
Kids love washing their hands with an aerating foamer pump dispenser.

HARD WATER STAINS (5:1) – Spray and let sit for a few minutes, scrub with a stiff brush.

HEAD LICE (3:1)– Ponytail hair on top of head, if possible. Using spray bottle or aerating foamer pump dispenser, apply KD Gold™ around outer edge of hairline, starting with nape of neck (to cut off “escape routes”). Continue applying, working toward center of head or ponytail. Work into lather and twist ends of hair and use to rub against the scalp as a “scrubber”. This helps break loose the spiral rings that hold the “nits” (eggs) in place. Leave on hair for 20 to 30 minutes if it has not been previously treated with a pediculicide. If hair HAS been treated with pediculicide, leave on hair for 45 to 60 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water. Dry hair with blow dryer, then brush hair 100 strokes after drying. Then dilute balance of solution with equal part of water and use
daily for shampooing. (also see LICE, BODY or visit for detailed information).

HEARTH STONES (5:1) – Clean the soot by spraying and wiping.

HEEL MARKS / SCUFFS (5:1) – Spray on scuffed surface, let solution sit for a minute or two, and wipe clean with a cloth. May need to scrub with a
stiff brush.

HOT TUBS (5:1) – Spray on empty hot tub, wipe with a cloth, scrub with brush if necessary. As an additive, use KD Gold™ solution (1-pint solution per 1,000 gallons of water) to prevent buildup.

HUMIDIFIER ADDITIVE (5:1) “I don’t like to use the antibacterial recommended for my wick humidifier, so each time I fill it, I spray a couple of squirts of KD Gold™ in it instead. It keeps the wick from developing bacteria. I also clean the inside of the humidifier with KD Gold™, which takes off all the accumulated scum and dirt. That way, I know I am breathing toxin-free air.” ~ Irene Hartfield, Ely, Minnesota


INDUSTRIAL MACHINES (5:1) – Spray with solution. Scrub and rinse. May require a stronger solution for seriously greasy surfaces.

INK (5:1) – Spray on stain (will not remove some “set-in” stains if previously laundered). Rub vigorously. Wash according to LAUNDRY directions.

INSECTS (10:1)–To discourage insects, spray target area and leave residue to dry. Also spray areas where bugs enter house to discourage entry.

Use stronger dilutions if necessary. KD Gold™ also helps wash fleas and mites out of pets’ fur. Try it!


JEWELRY (10:1) –Soak jewelry overnight in 10:1 KD Gold™; use a soft brush if necessary. Rinse and dry. Or, spray with KD Gold™, brush with a soft brush, rinse and dry. Not recommended for opals and pearls.


KIDS (10:1) – KD Gold™ is the soap of preference for both the hypoallergenic, chemically sensitive, and the health-conscious individual.

KITCHEN APPLIANCES (5:1) – Spray, let sit for 30 seconds, then wipe clean.

KITCHEN CABINETS (10:1) – Spray surface and wipe off with a wet cloth or sponge. To remove stains, scrub with a scrub pad or stiff brush before wiping off.

KITCHEN FLOORS (5:1) – Sweep or use dust mop to remove loose dirt and grit. For entire floor, use a mixture of 4-8 ounces of Concentrate per gallon of water in bucket. For “spot treatment” spray KD Gold™ onto a damp sponge or mop, and mop as usual. For hard spots, spray directly on the spot. Rub until it comes up. For tile floors, use a soft brush to agitate the grout. For vinyl flooring, use a terry cloth to agitate the hard to clean spots. Dry with a soft cloth.

NOTE: Leaving a residue on the floor will inadvertently repel insects.


LAUNDRY (5:1)Use KD Gold™ to replace toxic commercial laundry detergents. To eliminate both dirt and chemicals out of clothing and away from your skin, launder with KD Gold™ utilizing micelle molecular technology instead of chemicals to get the fibers of your fabrics truly clean.

Follow manufacturer’s washing instructions for fabric type and clothing. For the best laundry results, always  use a solution pre-mixed with water—NOT raw Concentrate since it more rapidly disperses in the wash cycle and the molecules have already been activated by water.

Pre-treat spots and stains with solution sprayed directly on spot. Agitate by rubbing fabric together or use a brush. Soaking also helps
lift dirt and stains.


Use 2 to 3 ounces of 5:1 solution

3 to 4 ounces of 5:1 solution

Use 4 to 6 ounces of 5:1 solution

If laundry is especially greasy or soiled, allow to soak at least 30 minutes or overnight if necessary. Use the pre-soak feature on your washing machine or fill as usual and allow to agitate for 2 minutes. Stop the wash cycle by opening the lid or pulling up on the dial for the desired amount of soaking time. Then resume washing as usual by closing the lid or pushing in on the dial.

KD Gold™ cleans just as powerfully in cold water as in hot water. Since hot water breaks down fabric and dyes, you can launder with KD Gold™ in cold water to promote fabric longevity. As a result, your clothes will look better and last longer.

NOTE: Local water quality varies by municipality and regions. “Hard” water (high in minerals) will require more KD Gold™ solution than “soft” water. Minerals in hard water also cause dull, dingy/discolored whites. For brighter whites, consider investing in a water softener instead of using poisonous bleach.

KD Gold™ activates the residue in previously bleached clothing. This should disappear after several washings. Do not use chlorine bleach with KD Gold™. Food grade hydrogen peroxide works well with KD Gold™ for a whitening effect. Chemicals and fragrances in most laundry detergents are actually poisonous and remain in fabrics to be absorbed by your skin all day. Toxic residues left on clothing by commercial laundry detergents enter your body through the skin. In turn, they leave toxic residues in your tissues and fat cells, complex molecules that your body must
work hard to break down and detoxify.

LAWN FURNITURE (5:1) – Spray and wipe off with a paper towel. Be sure to clean regularly or the stains may not come off.

LEATHER (10:1)–Test on inconspicuous area first for color fastness. Spray solution on a damp cloth and wipe the leather furniture or

For stubborn stains, brushing with a small soft brush may be necessary.

LICE, BODY (3:1) – (see also HEAD LICE) Use from spray bottle or aerating foamer pump dispenser. Apply to affected areas, scrub with
“puffy” sponge or loofah sponge in a circular motion. Rinse body and sponge thoroughly. Reapply to entire body, scrub with sponge again and let stand for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse and towel dry. Discard sponge. (visit for more information).

LIPSTICK (5:1) – Can be removed from carpet and clothes by spraying on KD Gold™. Wipe with a damp towel. Work into the stain and remove with a damp cloth. If the stain is on clothing, launder as usual.

LITTER BOXES (CAT) (5:1) – Empty litter box, spray and wipe. Also, spray directly on litter to control odor.

LIVING ROOM FURNITURE (50:1)– Vinyl, acrylic coated, chrome, steel, plastic: Spray and wipe.


MACHINERY (5:1) – Follow manufacturer’s instructions, if any. Spray and wipe, scrub with a stiff brush, if necessary. If a part needs to be cleaned/degreased, put solution in a bucket or tub to completely cover part, immerse part in solution and let soak until it can be easily wiped clean. See also Industrial Machinery and Auto Parts.

MARKERS (5:1) – Spray on stain (will not remove some “set-in” stains if previously laundered). Rub vigorously. Wash according to LAUNDRY directions.

MAKEUP REMOVAL (10:1) –Spray washcloth with solution and wipe area to be cleaned. For mascara, use a gentle solution in an aerating foamer pump dispenser. Lather eyelashes and rinse.

MEDICINE CABINETS (5:1) – Unload first. Spray and wipe with damp cloth.

METAL (5:1)Spray and wipe with a cloth, scrub with a stiff brush if necessary.

MINI-BLINDS (5:1) – Close blinds completely. Wipe solution on with damp cloth or towel and follow with a soft, dry cloth.

MIRRORS (300:1)Use extremely dilute solution (one ounce of KD Gold™ Concentrate to about one gallon of purified water). For mirrors, diluting concentrate with distilled water is best as it has no minerals to leave spots. Spray onto a soft, clean cloth or spray directly on mirror. Rub and wipe. Buff dry with a second soft cloth.

MOBILE HOME / MOTOR HOME (5:1) – Spray bug stains, tar, and heavily soiled spots with solution. Agitate with brush to loosen. Then put 2-3 ounces of KD Gold™ Concentrate in a gallon bucket. Sponge or brush on surface. Rinse clean. See R/V’s.

MOTOR OIL (5:1) – Works like magic to emulsify the oil! It is safe for hands and equipment. Because it does not require hot water to cut grease, KD Gold™ is extraordinary for wildlife cleanup after an oil spill as it is safe for mammals and other aqueous (water-based) animals.

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS (50:1) Spray onto lightly dampened cloth and wipe gently.


NUTS AND BOLTS (10:1) –Place in a container and soak in solution for 30 minutes, then wipe or brush clean. (For really tough grease and corrosion, soak in stronger solution)


ODORS (5:1) – Spray surface emitting odor, let solution sit for a minute or two, and wipe clean.

OFFICE EQUIPMENT (50:1)Wipe gently with a slightly damp towel (moistened with solution). Dry immediately. Excellent for helping get tape residue off file cabinets and desktops.

OIL, OIL SPILLS & OIL SPOTS (5:1) – Spray and let sit, rub with brush, then wipe or mop up with a damp cloth or rag. May need stronger solution for heavy spills/spots.

OLD / ANTIQUE PAINTED SURFACES (100:1) – Spray lightly and wipe clean.

OLD / ANTIQUE PAINT REMOVAL (3:1) –To remove varnish or paint, use strong solution or straight Concentrate. Apply with a cloth or brush. Let sit for 30 minutes or longer. Wipe with a wet terry cloth. You may need to use a fine grade steel wool to get into crevices. As with any paint or varnish remover, multiple applications may be necessary. Ideal for remodeling homes for elderly, infirm or anyone that cannot tolerate strong chemicals.

OUTDOOR FLOORS (5:1) – Spray and mop.

OVENS (5:1) – Spray inside of slightly warm oven (not over 100 degrees) with water, spray with KD Gold™. Let sit a few minutes. Apply a second time if needed. Scrub the racks with a stiff brush.
After the racks are clean, wipe the inside of the oven with a wet cloth. Dry with paper towel or dry rag. Does not require rubber gloves or opening windows!

OXIDATION ON CARS (5:1) – Use the solution with lots of water (as per regular car washing) to remove oxidation and heavy grime.


PAINT AND WOOD STAIN (5:1) – Artists and home improvement buffs alike love the gentle oil-emulsifying power of KD Gold™.

PAINT BRUSHES (10:1) – With both oil-based and water-based paints, you will love the way KD Gold™ makes clean up easy. Soak brush in
solution; rinse with warm water.

PAINT STRIPPING (2:1) – Apply with paint brush, allow to dwell until paint bubbles. Scrape off.

PANTRIES (10:1)– Spray directly on cupboard, wipe and rinse. Do not use on unfinished or varnished wood surfaces.

PATIO FURNITURE (5:1) – Spray, rinse it desired, wipe and dry.

PERMANENT MARKER STAINS (3:1)– Spray on stain (will not remove some “set-in” stains if previously laundered). Rub vigorously. Wash
according to LAUNDRY directions.

PERSONAL HYGIENE (10:1) –Spray onto washcloth or puffy net bath sponge. Agitate to work into lather. Wash, rinse. Avoid getting spray into eyes. “Ultra-safe” for all washing purposes, especially for babies. An aerating foamer pump dispenser creates a smooth, velvety lather for kids of all ages. Oily skin can use a stronger solution, dryer skin a lighter solution. Test various dilutions to find your preference.

PET ODORS (5:1) – Spray surface emitting odor, let solution sit for a minute or two, and rinse and wipe clean.

PET STAINS (5:1) – Spray on stained surface, let solution sit for a minute or two, rinse and wipe clean. May need to scrub with a stiff brush.

PETS (10:1) – (Mammals.) Place pet in tub with water, or in a clear area. Wet down pet’s fur. Spray fur or use squeeze bottle to apply KD Gold™ solution, avoiding eyes. Work into lather, rinse. Do not use on pet insects or spiders! KD Gold™ is phenomenal on cages,
especially snake cages and other animals that produce heavy odors.

PLANTS (HOUSE & GARDEN) (50:1)– Spray directly on houseplants with misting spray bottle containing a weak solution; wipe leaves gently with soft cloth. For outdoor plants and flowers, including roses, put 8 oz. of Concentrate in a 2-gallon garden sprayer. Can be used monthly to promote plant health by improving hydration.

PLAQUE & TARTAR (10:1) – Spray or use foam from an aerating foamer pump dispenser directly on toothbrush (with or without toothpaste. Brush as usual. Great for cleaning your tongue, too!

PLASTIC (5:1) – Spray, wipe and dry.

POISON IVY (5:1) – Spray on and rub into affected area on skin. KD Gold™ dissolves the toxic oil from the plant and reduces the chance of irritation and rash.

POOL ADDITIVE (5:1)– Use KD Gold™ solution (1-gallon of 5:1 solution per 10,000 gallons of water) to prevent buildup.

POOL FILTERS (5:1) – Instead of throwing out your dirty pool filters, soak them in KD Gold™ solution and rinse thoroughly.

POOL TILES (5:1) – Spray, wipe and rinse. Scrub with a stiff brush, if necessary.

POOLS (5:1) – For cleaning empty pools, spray, wipe and rinse. Scrub with a stiff brush, if necessary.

POT & PANS (5:1) – Burned on food comes off much easier after soaking in solution.

PRESSURE WASHING (100:1)–Add 1-3 ounces KD Gold™ concentrate per gallon water.


PURSES (50:1) Spray on a cloth and wipe purse clean. Dry with a dry cloth.


RANGE HOODS (5:1) – Spray hood, wipe with damp cloth. Spray screen and wipe. If heavy grime, scrub with a brush.

REFRIGERATORS (5:1) – Spray, let sit for 30 seconds, then wipe.

RESTROOMS (5:1) – Spray, let sit 30 seconds. Wipe with a damp cloth or sponge. Scrub with a brush if heavily soiled. Rinse. Wipe with a dry cloth.

R/V’s (5:1) – KD Gold™ is a great overall vehicle cleaner because of its oil emulsifying properties. Use 2-3 ounces of Concentrate per gallon of water. Also, use spray solution to remove bugs, tar and other grit. Sponge clean, then rinse.

RUST STAINS (5:1) – Spray on stained surface, let solution sit for a minute or two, and wipe clean. May need to scrub with a stiff brush.


SCREENS (5:1) – Rinse with water. Spray solution directly on screens with misting pump and scrub with soft brush. Or, mix 2- 3 ounces of raw Concentrate per 1 gallon of water. Dip a soft brush into solution, brush on screen and scrub. Rinse thoroughly.

SCUFF MARKS (5:1) – Spray on scuffed surface, let solution sit for a minute or two, and wipe clean. May need to scrub with a stiff brush.

SHAMPOO (10:1) – Spray into hair, work into lather, rinse.  Be careful not to use too strong a solution as it may dry hair.

SHAVING (10:1) –Use an aerating foamer pump dispenser to create an excellent rich, foamy shaving cream.

SHOES (50:1)–Modern shoes are made out of many different materials. Cross-reference with plastic, leather, vinyl, fabric, scuff marks, etc. Spray and wipe to remove heavily soiling

SHOWERS (5:1)–Spray all surfaces. Let sit 30 seconds. Scrub with a brush or terry cloth rag. Rinse.

SHOWER CURTAIN (5:1) – Spray. Leave on overnight. At your next shower, rinse off.

SHOWER DOOR (50:1) – Spray. Agitate with a wet brush. Rinse. Repeat, if necessary. Buff dry.

SHOWER TILE (5:1) – Spray. Let sit 30 seconds. Scrub with a brush or a terry cloth rag. (Do not expect a “bleaching” effect on OLD mildew stains. However, by removing soap scum, you destroy a breeding ground for new mold).

SINKS (5:1) – Spray. Let sit 30 seconds. Wipe with a damp cloth or sponge. Agitate with a brush if heavily soiled. Rinse. Wipe with a dry cloth.

SMOKE DAMAGE (5:1) -(MAY NEED STRONGER SOLUTION) Spray surface, wipe with a cloth or agitate with a stiff brush. Rinse. Repeat if necessary.

SOAP SCUM (5:1) – There’s nothing like KD Gold™ for disintegrating soap scum. Spray. Let sit 60 seconds. Wipe and rinse clean!

SOOT (5:1) – Spray surfaces, wipe with a damp cloth. Use a stiff brush if heavily soiled.

SPAS & HOT TUBS (5:1) – Spray on empty hot tub, wipe with a cloth, scrub with brush if necessary. As an additive, use KD Gold™ solution (1-pint 5:1 solution per 1,000
gallons of water) to prevent buildup.

SPOTS & STAINS (5:1)– See instructions for specific stains (rust, blood, ink, etc.) and surfaces (fabric, wood, tile, etc.). Follow stain protocol: Use one paper towel behind stain. Wet stain lightly with water (choose the water source with the least amount of minerals.) Spray solution on a second paper towel. Dab carefully directly on the stain. Follow with more water and a clean paper towel. Do not rub. Press to remove excess water and lift stain from material.

STAINLESS STEEL (100:1) Spray and wipe.

STEEL (5:1) – Spray and wipe with cloth or scrub with brush.

STOVETOPS (5:1) – Spray, let sit a few seconds. Wipe with a damp cloth. Burned on food may require soaking and a scrub pad to loosen it. Soak implements
overnight and enjoy much easier clean up. Re-spray as needed to maintain.

STUCCO (5:1) – Spray, scrub with a stiff brush, and rinse clean. For mildew, leave on longer before wiping and rinsing.

STUFFED ANIMALS (50:1)– Every doll hospital should have KD Gold™ on hand! Use an aerating foamer pump dispenser to lather-up a light foam on your favorite stuffed animal. Use the water sprayer on the sink to rinse fur with an outward angle so as not to soak the interior stuffing. Keep a clean fluffy towel nearby to dry off and fluff up the fur. Take care with some types of dye. Use a light solution and test a small area prior to use.

SUN BURNS (5:1) – Spray directly on affected area and rub in to relieve burning and redness.


TAR (3:1)– We challenge you to find a better tar remover – toxic or not! Spray, scrub with damp cloth or stiff brush and rinse.

TEETH (50:1)Apply foam from aerating foamer pump dispenser directly onto toothbrush (with or without toothpaste), or mist your toothbrush with a fine spray. Brush as usual. Optional: Add a few drops of food grade essential oil of peppermint or cinnamon for a fresh taste.

TILE (5:1) – Spray, scrub with a damp cloth and rinse clean. KD Gold™ helps rid your bathroom of soap scum, effectively destroying a breeding ground for mold and mildew!

TIRES (5:1) – Spray on, then agitate with a stiff brush and rinse off with water. Buff dry.

TIRE MARKS (3:1)– Spray mark, let sit for a minute or two, scrub with a stiff brush, rinse.

TOBACCO STAINS (5:1) – Spray, let sit for 30 seconds, agitate with small brush, rinse.

TOILETS (5:1) – Spray seat, bowl and sides, including the floor around the toilet. Scrub inside with a brush. Wipe seat, sides and floor with a damp cloth. If your water has a lot of crud in it, try adding 2 ounces of KD Gold™ Concentrate to the tank.

TOOL BOXES (5:1) – Empty toolbox. Spray solution liberally into corners and crevices and let sit while you wipe and organize tools. Dry inside toolbox. Spray and wipe dry again if necessary.

TOYS (5:1) – Wipe with damp cloth sprayed with solution. Dry with soft cloth. For toys that you can immerse in water, soak in a gallon bucket with 4-6 ounces of solution. Use soft brush if necessary. Rinse clean.

TREE SAP (3:1)Spray, let sit a minute or more, agitate with brush, wipe clean.

TUB & TILE (5:1) – Spray all surfaces. Let sit 30 seconds. Scrub with a brush or terry cloth rag. Rinse clean.


UPHOLSTERY (50:1) (see also VINYL and FABRIC) Lightly mist upholstery. Scrub with a dampened brush or terry cloth. Wipe with a damp cloth.

URINE ODORS / STAINS (5:1) – Keep your world fresh without chemical cover-ups! Spray solution directly on carpet, rug or affected area. For lighter colored carpets, use a lighter solution. Allow to sit for 10 – 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. For clothing, pre-soak in wash cycle and clean as usual.


VARNISHED SURFACES (100:1) – To clean varnished surfaces, spray on, wipe clean with damp cloth then dry.

VARNISH REMOVAL (3:1)–To remove varnish or paint, apply strong solution or straight raw concentrate with cloth or brush. Let sit 30 minutes or
longer. Wipe with a wet terry cloth. As with any paint or varnish remover, multiple applications may be necessary.

VEGETABLES (10:1) – Spray, then wipe and rinse. Or, put vegetables in a large bowl, fill with water and spray solution into the bowl, let soak several minutes. You will be amazed at what is removed!

VENTS (5:1) – Remove vent cover, spray, let sit, then wipe. Rinse with water. If cover is non-removable, spray solution on a damp cloth. Wipe
with a clean damp cloth.

VINYL (10:1) – Spray directly on vinyl, wipe with a damp cloth. Spray on a damp mop or sponge to clean vinyl floors. If heavily soiled, use a
nylon brush.

VINYL AUTO TOPS (10:1) – Spray and gently agitate with a damp terry cloth.


WALLPAPER (50:1)– Use a very light solution. Test first in an inconspicuous area. Spray damp rag or sponge with KD Gold™ and wipe. Dry off immediately.

WALLPAPER STRIPPING (5:1) – Using a garden sprayer filled with solution, spray walls and let sit for several minutes so solution can soak through wallpaper and dissolve glue. (By the time you finish spraying all the walls, you can start scraping where you started spraying). Wallpaper will peel off in large sheets. Use a paint scraper if necessary.

WALLS (50:1)–Spray in inconspicuous area first to test color-fastness. Spray and wipe with a damp cloth, then dry with a dry cloth.

WARTS (3:1) – Apply to affected area.

WATER DAMAGE (5:1) – Spray and let sit for a few minutes, scrub with a stiff brush.

WAX SURFACES (100:1)To clean candles or wax sculptures, mist on and wipe clean.

WAX REMOVAL (3:1) – The biggest problem with wax is that it leaves an oily residue. Chill, crack and peel off excess wax. Apply strong solution or raw Concentrate. Wait 5 minutes and wipe away. If necessary, scrub and repeat. Use a weaker solution on very delicate fabric.

WHITE BOARDS (5:1) Keep them sparkling white by spraying with handy 4 oz. misters, and wiping clean with paper towels.

WINDOW FRAMES (50:1)–Spray onto a soft, clean cloth or spray directly on window fame and wipe clean. Rinse and buff dry with a second soft cloth. Remember, all but a very weak solution (250:1) may cause streaking on glass.

WINDSHIELDS / WINDSHIELD WIPER FLUID (5:1)Fill your vehicle’s wiper fluid container with an ounce of 5:1 solution to help keep bugs and grime off your windshield. TIP: After you’ve emptied your gallon of KD Gold™ Concentrate, fill with purified water to “rinse” remaining soap from bottle. Use this to fill up your wiper fluid!

WOOD DECKS (5:1) –KD Gold™ works well in pressure washers for outdoor wood like decks. If badly soiled or blackened, dip a stiff brush into solution and scrub. It is great for removing
mildew on hot tub wood surfaces.

NOTE: Use with added care on unsealed wood, because though an oil emulsifier, KD Gold™ is water-based. Dry the wood surface completely with a clean cloth after wiping it with solution.

WOOD FLOORS (50:1) – Spray on floor and use damp mop to thoroughly rinse clean.

WOUNDS (5:1) Wounds and cuts should always be washed thoroughly with soap and water. KD Gold™ is the finest, purest soap for such purposes and can be used with poultices.

WORKSHOP TOOLS (5:1) – Spray and wipe. KD Gold™ works exceptionally well for removing unwanted grease and grit!


YARD EQUIPMENT (5:1) – Spray and wipe. Buy some KD Gold non toxic botanic soap today

DISCLAIMER: The personal statements included here are for training and instructional purposes only. These are actual testimonials from satisfied
users of KD Gold™ products. Original copies of these testimonials are on file. These statements and suggested uses have not been scientifically
evaluated, nor do we purport that its products are intended to treat or cure any disease or medical condition.


People are becoming chemically sensitive in epidemic proportions, silently, daily, one toxic exposure at a time. The most common reason people become chemically
sensitive is because of the daily, bit by bit accumulation of toxins in the body.

Toxins are absorbed through the skin, inhaled in through the lungs and ingested through the food we eat (most processed foods, meats and produce have pesticides, fluoride, dioxins and other environmental contaminants.)

While we can’t control many of these chemical exposures, we can control a major source: the common household cleaning products and personal care products that can be replaced by KD Gold™. It is that simple. Start reducing your risk today by getting to know what products are most toxic in your home.

Household cleaners and detergents marked with the “signal” words: “Caution”, “Warning” or “Danger” are legally defined as poisonous. These three words are
legal markers mandated by the EPA to appear on the label, and mean that a product is lethal enough to kill an adult 180-pound male in certain specific amounts. They replaced the familiar but no longer seen Skull & Crossbones symbol that was formerly used to designate lethal poisons:

CAUTION: An ounce to a pint could be FATAL to an adult
if ingested.
WARNING: A teaspoon to an ounce could be FATAL to an
adult if ingested.
DANGER: A taste to a teaspoon could be FATAL to an
adult if ingested.


Children cannot read these words of warning! Their bodies also cannot handle what an adult body can handle. Using KD Gold™, you can replace harmful household products, effectively eliminating risk of accidental poisonings and inhalant abuse.

You have an urgent responsibility to protect your children and teenagers from poisons, and not just from accidental poisonings and misuse of toxins.

Equally devastating is the unintentional brain, organ and tissue damage from continuous exposure to common household chemicals – ranging from learning difficulties, inability to concentrate and numerous allergic reactions all the way up to permanent Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Don’t just try to hide poisons from your curious toddler or teenager. REMOVE THEM! It can’t happen in your home if there aren’t any poisons available for them to get into. KD Gold™ cleans so well and is so versatile that you will no longer need to worry about poisons in your home.