MCS, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

The formula for this all-purpose soap was developed by Kaylin D’Aire, a long-time sufferer of MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity).  She eventually succumbed to its ravishes a few years ago, much to the sorrow of her many friends and fellow travelers.

Kaylin created the Label It Poison Foundation in hopes that the toxins in our environment would be labeled what they are: poison.

In her quest to live a healthy life, she helped create the formula for this very safe soap so that others could live without the discomfort of using commercial cleaning products.

I read recently that some decision makers in the health industry are now linking MCS with anxiety.  However, they think that MCS symptoms are caused by anxiety when those who suffer from MCS know that it is the other way around.  Depression and anxiety are two of the symptoms of chemical exposure.

Here are some interesting articles explaining MCS (all will open in a new window or tab):


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