Are you looking for an environmentally and humanly safe cleaning product that ACTUALLY WORKS?

Enviro-One is the SAME formula previously sold as KD Gold.

If you’re like me, you believe in using environmentally safe products. I want to be “green” and help the planet. It’s also important that my soap be humanly safe.  But they need to be effective cleaners, as well!

Many cleaning products today that describe themselves as “natural” – some even sold in health food stores, still contain harmful ingredients.  Some contain “essential oils” and smell so much, it gives me a headache to use them (I’m looking at you, Mrs. Meyers). Plus, they just don’t clean that well.

This Soap is Not Only Safe, But Effective!

I’m here to share with you a cleaning product I’ve been using for years.  It’s safe, it’s environmental, and it cleans like the dickens!  Read about the technology here.

When I say I’ve used it for years, this colloidal micelle (mee_SELL) product is on its third manufacturer, but thank God it’s still around!  Previously known as Planet Solutions (Total Solution), then sold as Botanic Gold and KD Gold, Enviro-One is one of the only colloidal micelle cleaning products that is NOT multi-level marketed!

The formula for Enviro-One was developed by someone who is MCS (chemically sensitive) and therefore not only wants, but needs a product that is completely safe for use by humans.  No fragrance, no toxins, completely, absolutely safe to use, even on babies.

Best Darn Soap is an official distributor of Enviro-One and is selling direct to you

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Have you been using Botanic Gold?

I switched to KD Gold, then to Enviro-One because it’s a richer formula at a better price. You don’t need to commit to an order every month, you can just order when you need it (although you can get a discount when you autoship!). Try a bottle – I GUARANTEE you’ll LOVE IT!

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baby bathing

All natural safe soap for babies

You won’t want to use anything but the safest soap on babies!  Bathing your baby in Enviro-One will help prevent diaper rash. Use it to wash their clothes and diapers. Washing baby’s bedclothes in Enviro-One will prevent the hair loss so often seen in newborns that sleep on detergent-washed bed linens.  Wash their bottles, their “nooks” – anything that touches baby’s tender skin, anything they may ingest.  Wash your clothes in Enviro-One, too, so that Baby’s surroundings are completely safe.

This is the BEST present you could give a new mom.

All natural Veggie Wash

We wash every single thing we eat in Enviro-One: veggies, fruit, even meat, chicken and fish. I want to make sure all pesticides are removed and all toxic cleaning products previously used are washed away.

Did you know that many food products are rinsed with bleach before packaging?  You’ll want to get that off with a safe cleaner!!

Produce soaked in a diluted solution of Enviro-One actually “green up” and stay fresher longer.  Fill your kitchen sink with water, give a few sprays of diluted Enviro-One, let your lettuce soak for a half hour or more.  You’ll think it came straight from the garden.

veggie wash
washing the dog

Great for all pets:  dogs, cats, horses, gerbils, fish

Pets are short people and their noses are always on the floor. What do you use to clean your floors and rugs? What do you wash your dog’s bedding in? What do you use to wash their water and food dishes?

Do you treat your lawn with fertilizer and herbicides and let your pet roll around in the grass? When your pet licks herself, she is ingesting those toxic substances (and, by the way, transferring them to your carpet, furniture and children).

Protect your dog’s skin and coat while defending against fleas and ticks. Give a little spray before a walk through the woods and ticks will stay off!  Safe for cleaning aquariums!  Use on horses, too! 

 More about using Enviro-One for pets here.

Spray Your Garden

Get rid of pests while promoting growth with this “live” solution. Farmers are buying it by the barrel to spray on their crops. Do the same in your home garden.

Use it on your lawn, too!  Green up your house, literally!

A Million and One Uses

Want to see all the ways you can use Enviro-One around your house (or business)?   Click here for a user guide.

If you’re looking for a safe, effective cleaner, I guarantee you will LOVE Enviro-One.  Order some today.  It comes concentrated, so keep in mind you’re not paying for water.  Dilute 5:1 with your own water* and end up SAVING MONEY!

*For best results, use distilled water.  Tap water may require a stronger dilution.