cat_faceAre your dogs or cats or other pets showing any of the following signs?

Pets are short people and their noses are always on the floor. What do you use to clean your floors and rugs? What do you wash your dog’s bedding in? What do you use to wash their water and food dishes?

Do you treat your lawn with fertilizer and herbicides and let your pet roll around in the grass? When your pet licks herself, she is ingesting those toxic substances (and, by the way, transferring them to your carpet, furniture and children).

You can reduce the amount of chemicals in your pet’s life by using a safe botanic soap like Enviro-One. Completely non-toxic (no danger, warning or caution on the label) and scent-free, this soap will not only get your pet clean, but your floors and dishes and laundry REALLY clean (no detergent residue).

Enviro-One is a fabulous flea bath for your dog.  Give a little spray when you go walking through the woods to repel ticks.  Your dog’s coat will shine and you both will be healthier!

Recommended by dog show-winning owners.

You can clean the scum off of your aquarium walls with Enviro-One with no fear of harming your fish. Completely botanical ingredients make for completely safe cleaning.

A horse owner raves about the way Enviro-One removes the red Virginia clay from her white horse with the added benefit of healthy skin and coat.

Get more information on Enviro-One or order some today. A gallon of concentrate makes 5 gallons of full-strength cleaner, perfect for cleaning, bathing, laundry and spray cleaner. View the many uses of non-toxic soap here.

P.S. Using Enviro-One will benefit your health as well!