Wash Your Produce

lettuce-spinnerA  2011 report from Consumer Reports revealed unsafe levels of pesticide residues on certain fresh fruits and vegetables, including many that are grown in the United States. The produce was scored based on how many samples contained pesticides, the average amount, and the toxicity of particular pesticides found. The test data is from USDA testing, with foods prepared as they would be at home (bananas and oranges peeled, etc.). Each sample was a composite of about five pounds of produce.sports74.ruMen's Club – Онлайн Журнал

Here are the worst:

Type of produce and Score (a score over 100 is cause for concern):


Wash or peel fresh fruits and vegetables. Peeling apples, peaches and pears, in particular, can drastically reduce pesticide exposure from these foods, which have some of the highest Toxicity Indices.

Buy organically grown peaches, apples, grapes, pears, green beans, winter squash and spinach, if they are available where you live.

Just rinsing your produce with water will not remove the pesticides. But KD Gold Fruit & Vegetable Wash is the perfect veggie wash. Completely non-toxic and really effective!

Do you wash your organic veggies? Even if you buy organic, you should wash off the toxins that are picked up in transit, the cleaners used at the stores, the bugs that might still be holding on.

romaineIn our house, we wash every single thing we eat in KD Gold: veggies, fruit, even meat, chicken and fish. I want to make sure all pesticides are removed and all toxic cleaning products previously used are washed away.

Did you know that many food products are rinsed with bleach before packaging? You’ll want to get that off with a safe cleaner!!

Produce, like lettuce, soaked in a diluted solution of KD Gold actually “green up” and stay fresher longer. Fill your kitchen sink with water, give a few sprays of KD Gold, let your lettuce soak for a half hour or more. Spin it dry and store it in a sealed baggie with a paper towel inside to soak up the excess moisture. You’ll think it came straight from the garden.

KD Gold is the product of a scientific breakthrough known as “colloidal micelle technology” (CMT) you can look here. The molecules are very, very small and each particle is electro magnetically charged. CMT allows KD Gold to effectively break down oils, grease, grime and dirt as well or better than any other cleaner currently on the market…AND does all this naturally without ANY toxic synthetic ingredients. It is so safe that even people who are extremely chemically sensitive (MCS) may use it with complete confidence. Washing your produce is just one of a million uses for KD Gold, the perfect cleaning solution, no matter what kind of job you’re up against. View our Usage Guide to see all the uses for KD Gold! You’ll be amazed.

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